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Tina Hötzendorfer mit ihrer Mitarbeiterin vor dem Tassenregal

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Tina Hötzendorfer mit ihrer Mitarbeiterin vor dem Tassenregal
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in St. Johann in Tirol
Guarantee of heart and love

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Tina Hotzendorfer

Artist, entrepreneur, mom

Paraplegic since 2008

Suddenly everything was different

On February 3, 2008 I fall like this while snowboarding
I was so unhappy that my 6th cervical vertebra was shattered and my spinal cord was severed.
Since then I have been paralyzed from the shoulders down and, among other things, I can no longer move my fingers.


Tina Hotzendorfer

Life is not always easy. There are dark times and violent thunderstorms. Because I too have experienced how gray and desolate these phases can be, I want to use my art and work to bring a lot of color, joy and confidence into the world and spread happiness and positivity. 💜

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What our customers say...
What our customers say...
Happy happy happy! I gave this rug to my lovely neighbor because my cat broke her old one. My 70 year old neighbor beamed at the gift and said she had never owned such a beautiful doormat in her life!! I also have to say that I am happy about the sight every time I walk past the neighbor's door. The doormat enhances the entire staircase!!🌸 Thank you! Thanks!
— rose
What our customers say...
Beautiful eye-catcher in my kitchen, keeps my tea blends dry and aromatic! Delivered beautifully packaged - highly recommended!
— Elizabeth R.
What our customers say...
The tin is beautiful, great quality, very lovingly designed - this is the third time I've given it as a gift and every time it's been met with great enthusiasm.
— Sabine S
What our customers say...
The notepads are beautifully and lovingly designed, they spread a positive mood.
— Kirsten J.
What our customers say...
A special cup that is lovingly designed! A true gift for the true friends in life, whom you can simply say thank you to!
— Heidemarie B.