About me "Better live motley"

I'm Tina Hötzendorfer from St. Johann in Tirol and I was born in 1986 in this very beautiful market town. An original "Seinihonserin" so. Tourism and gastronomy were literally born to me and I wanted to gain a foothold in this industry. After graduating from high school, I began studying tourism management at a tourism school.

But I was drawn out into the world. I followed my gut feeling, gave up my studies, packed my backpack and went traveling for half a year. One of the best decisions of my life. Because impressions, experiences and insights from countries like India, Nepal and Australia inspire me to this day.

Back from my trip around the world, my life was to change abruptly. Because on February 3rd, 2008 , while snowboarding, I fell on my neck so badly that my 6th cervical vertebra was crushed and my spinal cord was severed. Since then I've been paralyzed from the shoulders down and, among other things, I can no longer move my fingers.

Since that all-changing day, I have been on an exciting journey to myself. To more mindfulness , love and fulfillment .
And to creativity .
That's how I discovered painting for myself in 2011. Through them I can fully unfold and live freely. My paintings are colourful, playful and exude optimism and positivity .

The " lucky elephants " are already my trademark. Through my work I want to spread joie de vivre , happiness and positive energy and make the world a little more colourful . I have already exhibited internationally in places such as New York, Paris and London. In 2014 I received the Kitz Award for my achievements in contemporary art.

On December 19th, 2014 I opened the Rollin'Art Gallery in St. Johann in Tirol. It is a gift shop and an art gallery in equal measure. In addition to my pictures, I also offer unique gift ideas, self-designed fashion, cheerful accessories and all kinds of magical things for the home.

In the meantime, a company has grown out of Rollin'Art. Our online shop enables my team and I to ship all of our treasures throughout Europe. In our magic workshop we manufacture and print almost all items from our wide range ourselves. With love from Tyrol. Thanks to our know-how and enchanting creativity, we are also the perfect partner for companies and companies that want exclusive, unique items, collections or cooperations.

I give talks about my life and topics like resilience, mindfulness and gratitude.
In my blog I write about my everyday life, what inspires, moves and motivates me. About travel, accessibility and a bit of creativity should not be missing.
I have built up a large community on my social media channels , which accompanies me through my life as a mother, entrepreneur and woman with disabilities.

Since I am firmly convinced that paraplegia will one day be curable, I support the Wings for Life Foundation .

For more insights into my colorful life, please follow me on my social media channels.


Kaisersaal St. Johann iT / 2011 Hotel Post St. Johann iT / 2012

Kitzbühel Artists Street / 2012

"Art 3" presentation Museum St. Johann iT / 2012

Gallery Kitz Art Kitzbühel / 2012

Villa Masianco St. Johann iT / 2013

ART Innsbruck / 2013

Bad Häring rehabilitation center / 2013

ART Innsbruck / 2014

Bad Häring rehabilitation center / 2014

Art Space Gallery New York / 2014

Tourism Schools St. Johann i. T / 2015

ART Innsbruck / 2015

Gallery Merikon Vienna / 2015

A & D Gallery London / 2016

Uniqa Tower Vienna / 2018

ART Innsbruck / 2018

City Hotel Brunner Schladming / 2018

Chamber of Commerce Innsbruck / 2018

ART Innsbruck / 2019

Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre Paris / 2019