My cell phone is ringing. 08:00! Oh no, I overslept! I quickly put on black leggings and my favorite white sweater. Snowboard pants and jacket over it, the brand new board under your arm and off you go. My little brother Manuel and my dad are already waiting for me at the valley station. A dreamy winter day, the landscape so peaceful and wrapped in pure white. A Sunday. February 3, 2008.

Everything was as always. We drove downhill. The slope conditions were good, the weather was nice and we enjoyed our time together. And then from one second to the next everything was suddenly different. On the second descent, my snowboard jammed and I flew through the air. When I think about it now, everything seems to be in slow motion. I see my arms in front of my face hitting the track like a bullet. Right on the neck. And then there was nothing. Empty. As if only my head would be in the snow. no feeling No movement. My dad came to my aid right away. I will never forget the panic on his face. I asked him to unhook the snowboard from my legs and he said he already did. He unhooked the snowboard from my legs and I didn't feel it. I knew something very bad must have happened. Then the mountain rescuers came. They immediately alerted the emergency doctor and helicopter. You could feel the tension. The wait seemed like an eternity. Then finally the relieving sound of the rotor blades. Dad put a blanket over my face as the helicopter landed. I felt the fine snow crystals on my skin. Then I was flown to the St. Johann hospital. My favorite white sweater was cut off my body. After the X-ray, a doctor told me something bad had happened and it didn't look good. The last thing I remember is my parents standing next to me, both so desperate, terrified. Then I just wanted to sleep, I felt so incredibly tired.

The next vague memories I have are of the intensive care unit in Innsbruck. That's where I woke up, next to all these badly injured people and the many machines with the monotonous noises.

This all-changing day is now more than 8 years ago. It's unbelievable how fast time flies. In the next few days, I would like to give you a little insight here on my blog into everything that has changed in my life since February 3, 2008, what the diagnosis of paraplegia means and what my lucky elephants are all about.

All the best,


Tina Hötzendorfer
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