Tina Hotzendorfer

Artist, entrepreneur, mom

Tina sitzt in der Galerie und lächelt. Man sieht Taschen und Textilien um sie herum.

"Your life is as colorful as you dare to paint it"

Ein Bild von Tina als kleines Kind
how it all began

A small journey into the past

I was born in beautiful St. Johann in Tirol in 1986 . Tourism and gastronomy were literally born in my cradle and I wanted to gain a foothold in this industry. So after graduating from high school, I started studying tourism management at a tourism school.

Gebetsmuehlen in Nepal mit farbigen Motiven im Hintergrund
Tina umarmt einen echten Elefanten in Indien
My journey around the world

India, Nepal and Australia

But I was drawn out into the world. I followed my gut feeling, stopped studying, packed my backpack and went traveling for six months. One of the best decisions of my life. Impressions, experiences and insights from countries like India, Nepal and Australia continue to inspire me to this day.

Bild von Tina mit Halskrause aus der Intensivstation. Aufnahme nach ihrem Unfall
The accident

Suddenly everything was different

Back from my trip around the world, my life was about to change suddenly. Because on February 3, 2008 , I fell so badly on my neck while snowboarding that my 6th cervical vertebra was shattered and my spinal cord was severed.
Since then I have been paralyzed from the shoulders down and can no longer move my fingers, among other things.

Tina sitzt in ihrer Galerie vor einigen ihrer einzigartigen Bildern die sie gemalt hat
The new beginning

A new way of life

Since that day that changed everything, I have been on an exciting journey to myself.
To more mindfulness , love and fulfillment . And to creativity .
That's how I discovered painting in 2011. Through them I can fully develop and live freely. My pictures are colorful, playful and radiate optimism and positivity .

Tina sitzt lächelnd in ihrer Galerie vor einigen ihrer einzigartigen Bildern die sie gemalt hat
Tina sitzt im Rollstuhl an ihrem Zeichentisch und malt ein Bild mit einem Pinsel
"Your life is as colorful as you dare to paint it"

My art

I have personally experienced how dark and sad life can be. That's why my motivation is to create joy in life , happiness and positive energy through my art spread and make the world a little more colorful make. My colorful works focus on the beautiful and what makes you happy.

I have already been able to exhibit internationally in galleries and at art fairs, including in New York, Paris and London.
In 2014 I was awarded the Kitz Award for my achievements in contemporary art.

Tina ist in der Manufaktur und kontrolliert eine Edelstahl Thermosflasche. Sie lächelt.
since 2014

Rollin'Art was born

As an artist and creative person, I was always looking for new ways to put my pictures and drawings on a wide variety of objects. So I founded a company in 2014 . Rollin'Art was born.

At Rollin'Art we print my cheerful works of art on magical gift items, colorful fashion and special decorations for the home.

Rollin'Art has now grown into a small company. Our online shop allows my team and I to ship all of our treasures across Europe. In our magic workshop we manufacture and print almost all items from our wide range ourselves. With love from Tyrol.

Thanks to our know-how and enchanting creativity, we are also the perfect partner for companies and businesses that want exclusive, unique items, collections or collaborations .

Tina sitzt mit Baby am Arm vor dem PC. Beide lachen
Mom since 2021

Mother's happiness

With the birth of my son at the end of 2021, I was able to experience what unconditional motherly love feels like. This little sunshine fills my heart with joy, light and warmth every day. He shows me the world through his children's eyes - full of fascination, curiosity, openness and lightness.
The fact that I can be a mother is the greatest joy for me!

Tina sitzt vor einer Staffelei mit einem ihrer Bilder und hält einen Vortrag
Tina sitzt auf einer Bühne und hält einen Vortrag / Interview. Im Hintergrund ihr Bild "Enjoy the little things"

My colorful life

In addition to my art, I really enjoy giving lectures about my life and topics such as resilience, mindfulness and gratitude. With my story I would like to encourage you to believe in yourself and hold on to your visions.

In my blog I write about my everyday life, what inspires, moves and motivates me. Of course, about travel, accessibility and a bit of creativity shouldn't be missing.

I have built a large community on my social media channels that accompanies me through my life as a mother, entrepreneur and woman with disabilities.

Tina und Richi sitzen im Büro vor den Computern und haben sichtlich Spaß
Facebook, Instagram or newsletter

Become part of the Rollin'Art family

For more insights into my colorful life, please follow me on Instagram. Here I give insights into my everyday life between mom life and business. You will also find inspiration there on the topics of self-care and resilience. And you get delicious and healthy recipe ideas - cooking, along with painting, is my great passion.


My personal highlights include the exhibitions in Paris, New York, London and Vienna.

Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre Paris
Art Space Gallery New York
A&D Gallery London
Gallery Merikon Vienna

Other exhibition locations of my works:
ART Innsbruck
Imperial Hall St. Johann iT
Kitzbühel Artists' Street
Hotel Post St. Johann iT
Gallery Kitz Art Kitzbühel
Uniqa Tower Vienna
City Hotel Brunner Schladming
Innsbruck Chamber of Commerce


Hope remains

Since I am firmly convinced that paraplegia will one day be curable, I support the Foundation for Spinal Cord Research.

Tina sitzt im Rollstuhl in ihrer Galerie und lächelt freundlich in die Kamera
Projects, collaborations, etc

Together to the goal

Do you have an idea for a collaboration , a great collaboration , would you like to commission a special design ? Would you like to book me for a lecture or organize a creative workshop with me? I look forward to receiving your ideas, suggestions, inquiries and orders by email to: info@rollinart.at