... all of our products are from Rollin'Art.
They are unique, radiate joy of life and positivity and there is heart and love in each one - guaranteed!

Here you will find information about painting without finger function, information about my paintings, and about our sustainability strategy

Ein Herz gezeichnet von Tina Hötzendorfer
Good luck ambassador

Better live colorfully

We at Rollin'Art see ourselves as ambassadors for color, happiness, confidence and love.
We stand for appreciation, community, optimism and positivity.
We spread joy, happiness and smiles and make the world a more colorful place.

Under the motto “Live colorfully” we want to spread color, joy and positivity with our magical products. There is a lot of heart, love and personality in all of our playful pictures and special treasures.

Painting without finger function

"Since my snowboarding accident I can no longer move my fingers and my arms are limited, so over the years I have acquired my own painting technique. Through a lot of practice, I am now able to paint very fine and detailed lines and pictures . To do this, I clamp a pen or brush between my fingers and paint with two hands."

In this video you can see how painting works without using your fingers.

Tina erklärt in diesem Video wie sie ohne Fingerfunktion malt
Tina zeichnet ein Bild mit einem Pinsel.
Dear Dear Kunterbunt

How our treasures are created

Everything starts with color.
Our motifs are lovingly hand-drawn and then digitized. In the next step, the images are applied to a wide variety of products using special printing processes. The vast majority of the colorful treasures are refined with a lot of heart and by hand in our magic workshop in St. Johann in Tirol.

Our motifs are very colorful and detailed and the ornate elements made from Indian henna motifs and mandalas give them the special Rollin'Art character.

Our artist Tina says:
"I find my inspiration in nature, which fascinates me in all its beauty and diversity. Buddhism is also a source of inspiration for me, as is traveling. I love paying attention to the small details that make life so special ."

Behind the scenes

Creation process

Motif "Friendship"

This motif was created with watercolor pencils and fineliners. Watch here how it was created - from the first lettering to the finished image. It was then digitized and today it is available printed on various items.
As a very special gift for your favorite people.


Of course, the topic of sustainability also plays a major role at Rollin'Art and we are always working on new solutions to work in a way that conserves resources .

We make sure to use as little single-use plastic as possible:
For example, our shipping is plastic-free .

We send our colorful treasures to your home by CO2-neutral post.

In the area of ​​textile printing, we work with OEKO-TEX® -certified colors and our textiles are from sustainable and comprehensively certified production.

Wherever possible, we look for partners from the region in order to strengthen the local economy and keep delivery routes short.
We rely on organic quality for our chocolates and teas; the scented candles are filled in Tyrol and are free of paraffin and palm oil. Our scented pillows are 100% made in Austria and are pure nature. Our care products also come from Tyrol, the soaps are hand-made and are palm oil-free and wonderful.
The magical doormats are made by our partner Kleentex in the EU - 100% PVC free.

Of course, we also come up against limits in our efforts to achieve regionality and sustainability. Some of our basic products, which we print with the cheerful motifs in our magic workshop, also come from overseas. Our hands are often tied here because certain things are only made there. Or production in Austria would be too expensive and prices would arise for the end customer that hardly anyone would be willing to pay.
Here, too, we work with partners who carefully monitor the production and work situation on site.
All items are strictly controlled and EU certified, are of very high quality and free of harmful substances.

Every single one of our colorful products is selected, created, designed, manufactured and printed with a lot of love.

Tina sitzt lächelnd in ihrer Galerie vor einigen ihrer einzigartigen Bildern die sie gemalt hat
Proud and Happy

"I can say from the bottom of my heart that I stand behind my colorful Rollin'Art magic world and am incredibly proud of how much joy, happiness and color we have been able to spread with our magical treasures."
Tina Hotzendorfer