Goodbye 2018 - hello 2019

2018 a review:

* the year of many thousands of cups

* Hundreds of colorful hours in the studio with 24 pictures yield

* Successful exhibitions in Vienna (Uniqa Tower), ART Innsbruck, Stadthotel Brunner (Schladming), WKO Innsbruck

* wonderful journeys to East, West, North and South

* Numerous collaborations and commissioned work

* Redesign of the Rollin'Art Gallery "May makes everything new"

* Launch of the new website with online shop

* many hundreds of packages sent

* Team Rollin'Art at the Wings for Life World Run: 51 members, €2476 for spinal cord research, 617 kilometers run

* the Rollin'Art postcards traveled around the world

* Lucky elephant auctioned for €10,000 in aid of Wings for Life

* magical encounters with many dear people and customers

* Podcast, newspaper and radio interviews

* some trips to various hospitals and not so good, rather gray days

* many, many hours of cat cuddling

Thank you 2018, you have been good to me!

I have uploaded a review of this colorful, successful, loving, happy and exciting year to YouTube.

A happy outlook for 2019

* own stand at ART Innsbruck from 16.-20.01.

* Relaxing vacation in Geinberg with the best man in February

* already fixed orders such as for the TVB St. Johann #meinyapadu

* Let the sun shine on your stomach for 2 weeks in March on Gran Canaria

* also in March we just jetted to Bardolino

* Exhibition at the Carrousel de Louvre in Paris from May 24th to 26th.

* creative cooperation with the Dance Alps Festival in July

* Summer Tesla road trip to Barcelona

* Exhibition in Miami in December with a trip through Florida

* Lots of motivation, colorful creativity, open heart, positive thoughts

2019 you are going to be great!

There are also some goals and resolutions for the new year. 2018 was a very busy year, I spent a lot of hours and days on a wide variety of jobs. Accounting, social media, website programming, bureaucracy, painting, designing, thinking and brooding. That sapped my strength, cost a lot of energy and took up time. My big resolution for the new year is to give up work and tasks, to distinguish between what is important and what is not, to get rid of time wasters, more me-time with yoga, sports and books. Relax more, sunbathe and switch off. More time with loved ones, fluffy furry friends and exciting trips. And this will certainly result in many new, creative ideas - I'm sure of that! ;-)

HAPPY NEW YEAR - here's to an elefantasic year 2019!

Tina Hötzendorfer
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