"My heart in the center" is the motto of the Stadthotel Brunner in Schladming, to which my boyfriend and I were invited. And I have to say right away that I am delighted with this hotel, the absolute accessibility, the furnishings, the style and the very nice people who make the stay very special.

The motto of the hotel also suits me very well... After my snowboarding accident 10 years ago, I felt very lost for a long time. Didn't know what to do with myself, felt useless, scared of the future and didn't really know who I was anymore. At some point I started to study Buddhism. Where the main thing is to think about yourself. Questioning a lot, calming down and coming to terms with yourself and finding your center. You learn what really matters in life and that you shouldn't let yourself be distracted and guided by all the negative things around you. I don't always succeed, but I try.

As already mentioned, the Stadthotel Brunner is completely barrier-free and the wheelchair-accessible rooms are just perfect. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The washbasin in the bathroom is wheelchair accessible, the mirror is at the right height, grab rails on the toilet and a large walk-in shower. Since photos always say more than words, I have documented everything exactly.

The hotel has a great sauna and relaxation area and a "tea house" with views over the city and beautiful views of the mountains. Yoga units, Ayurveda treatments and TCM workshops are offered. DELIVER EVERYTHING. GET FREE. FIND YOUR CENTRE.

The breakfast buffet also leaves nothing to be desired. Great importance is attached to the regionality and quality of the products and special Ayurvedic dishes are also offered. A very good start to the day.

It was a short but very nice time at the Stadthotel Brunner. We will be back. Namaste .

This is the way to the Stadthotel Brunner: www.stadthotel-brunner.at

Tina Hötzendorfer
Tagged: Reisen