"It's the little things in life."
I am a person who thinks and reflects a lot. This is a curse and a blessing at the same time. But when I look at my life right now and think back to the darkest time of my life so far, I probably could never have dreamed that my life could be so beautiful even with a paraplegic.

Of course my life isn't always rosy and I'm definitely not always happy. Life with such a high level of paraplegia is not easy. Especially lately, I've been challenged a lot again. That saps your strength and robs you of energy. Sometimes I just wish for a few days vacation from my paraplegia and all the things that go with it. But I always try to be optimistic, always start positively into each day. Our energy follows our attention. We all experience negative and positive feelings and each of us has an influence on our emotional life. We "feed" our feelings, be they negative ones like fear and anger, or positive ones like joy and hope, through our thoughts. We can change our feelings by learning to think differently.

If I focused on not being able to move my fingers, needing help, not being able to dance, jump and run, I would probably be a very sad person. I, on the other hand, concentrate on being able to go back to bed on my own, get a perfect eyeliner, have a great family and love my best friend.

You should simply focus on the beautiful instead of the problems. And beauty often lies in the detail, in the small, in the everyday.

Tina Hötzendorfer
Tagged: Gedanken