Future for Tshumbe

Manuela Erber-Telemaque and Tina Hötzendorfer

The month of May is Rollin'Art's slogan
"Future for Tshumbe"

"Future for Tshumbe" is an organization that was founded by the Tyrolean Manuela Erber-Telemaque and is committed to further development in the Tshumbe region in the DR Congo. Even as a child, Manuela dreamed of setting up a kindergarten in Africa. In the meantime, there is not only the kindergarten in Tshumbe, but also a large elementary school, an infirmary, a huge garden, a sewing workshop and a carpentry shop as future projects for Tshumbe.

I am more than enthusiastic about Manuela, her commitment, her warmth and her courage.

Therefore, Rollin'Art donates the entire proceeds from the sale of the Tshumbe special edition (cup and drinking bottle) to Zukunft für Tshumbe. In addition, €1 for every cup and drinking bottle sold goes into the donation pot in the "Future for Tshumbe" category.

I'm more than excited to see what donation result we can announce at the end of the month and thank you in advance for your purchase and your support.

You can find more information about "Future for Tshumbe" and their donation account here: https://www.zukunft-fuer-tshumbe.or.at