Maybe I'm leaning too far out of the window with this text. Maybe I'll regret my words sooner or later. Perhaps optimism and positivity are out of place here. But right now I feel the need to write these words down. My thoughts on this crisis. to this state of emergency. 

You feel powerless, powerless and helpless. All those heartbreaking pics from Italy. All the suffering, the sadness, the pain. Everything that just happened is intangible, incomprehensible. Our life as we knew it just a few days ago no longer exists. Our world, our everyday life, what we are used to - everything is suddenly different.

But in all this darkness, this fear and despair, I see a change. Something beautiful is happening in our community right now. Just a few days ago, our world was hectic. Stress, burnout, negativity. Everyone was most important to themselves. No time for interpersonal relationships.
Appreciation, empathy and compassion have increasingly developed into neglected marginal phenomena. Envy, jealousy and resentment were en vogue. There was little room left for love.

It needed this virus. An emergency stop on the expressway of everyday life. Our world and we needed a break and an incredibly painful slap in the face. To finally wake up.

Our earth has the opportunity to take a deep breath right now and that's exactly what we should do now. Let's all use this painful situation as a chance to reflect. On the right and important values ​​in life. And I have a feeling that's exactly what's happening right now. I have never felt so much love, appreciation and togetherness as I do right now. There is such a great sense of mutual support, an unconditional willingness to help, a deep compassion.

Let's not lose sight of the positive. Let's grow together. True to the motto "Grow through what you go through". Let's take the chance. Together, we will do it!

I wish you all perseverance, serenity, calm and lots of sun in your heart. Stay healthy and take care of yourselves and your fellow human beings.

All the best,



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