2020 - a year that will go down in history. A lot has changed for all of us in the past few months - almost everything has changed. Countless stories have been written. I would like to write down my little, personal story here and let you be part of my rollercoaster ride through the pandemic, which unfortunately does not want to end yet.

We can probably all still remember the first press conference announcing the total lockdown. It is these moments that shock, stunned and make you powerless. You feel like you're in a Hollywood-style doomsday blockbuster. Except that it's suddenly bitter reality instead of captivating entertainment accompanied by crispy popcorn.

If I hadn't already been seated, I probably should have sat down at this point at the latest. Well, enough black humor.

Countless sleepless nights followed. Not only the knowledge that I belong to the risk group due to my high degree of paraplegia, but also the fear for my company kept me awake. Close the store, farewell to the future? A few days after my shop closed, I spoke into my cell phone camera. I tried to share my concerns with my community on Facebook and Instagram. Pleaded for cohesion and asked to shop in my online shop. That was in March last year. So much has happened since then. 2020 was anything but easy for me personally. It was very demanding, especially in my private life. So I concentrated fully on my work. Many new motifs and products have been created. And my little company has grown and grown. Corona has and will cost countless livelihoods. So bragging about success is the last thing to do at this time. But I would like to express my gratitude. It makes me more than happy that I can do a job that fulfills me so much every day. The appreciation of my customers makes my heart skip a beat and I am honored to be able to make the world a little more colorful and spread happiness, joy and smiles with my colorful treasures.

So many orders have been and are being placed in my online shop that I can now count several dear and motivated people on my Rollin'Art team and in the last few days our production and shipping department has moved to larger premises. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming. But actually - my professional dream has come true. 

Tina Hötzendorfer in her production

I'm doing well in my private life too. The wild roller coaster ride has turned into a constant, satisfied, fulfilled, warm and happy feeling of having arrived. Life shows me again and again that where there is shadow, there is also light. That after every storm, no matter how violent, dark and rainy it may be, the warming sun will eventually shine again from the sky - maybe even accompanied by a colorful rainbow.

I wish us all that we will get through the more than challenging time, which is expected to last for many weeks, with a lot of confidence, understanding, love and cohesion. Soon we can hug, sing, dance and be close again. Let the sun shine on your stomach together and make baby elephants our favorite animals again.

All the best, your Tina

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