How lucky elephants changed my life

Just a few days after my accident, I felt the need to paint. I do not know why. I've always been creative, but painting hasn't been a priority in my life so far.

Following my wish, my dad brought me finger paints and a pad to the intensive care unit. This is how my first picture came about. 3 hearts and a bit of yellow - for my little brother. Very abstract, I hardly had any control over my hands at that point.

Even during the rehab, one or the other picture was taken, but then other things had priority.

It was only during my "self-discovery process" that I felt again that I wanted to paint.

That was shortly before Christmas 2010. The picture - a Christmas present for a grandmother. An elephant.

A symbol of good luck in India and my favorite animal since my trip around the world, from which I came back shortly before my accident. It represents strength, power and love.

As time went on, I started to enjoy painting more and more. I spent hours on it. Appropriated many different techniques and got more and more encouragement for my pictures and especially for my lucky elephants.

In October 2011 I had my first exhibition. Everyone was enthusiastic and my pictures sold out within a very short time. That same evening I designed my logo - a brush in a wheelchair and created my stage name "Rollin'Art".

Now I had a task. Made so many plans, set goals, dreamed.

What followed were numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. Highlights were the exhibitions in New York and London and the trips there. In 2014 I was even awarded the Kitz Award for my achievements in contemporary art.

My art brought and brings me into contact with so many great people. New friendships formed and continue to form. And the positive feedback motivates me every day.

Almost two years ago I fulfilled a huge dream with my own gallery, the Rollin'Art Gallery. In addition to my pictures, I also offer my own jewelry collection here. There is also fashion and accessories with lucky elephants, fair trade handicrafts from India and many other selected specialties. My gallery is a very special and colorful place in St. Johann i. Tyrol, where you can feel joie de vivre, experience happiness and make your loved ones happy. I am so proud and overjoyed every time I go there.

People from all over visit my shop and are amazed by my work. Order in my online shop. I now also give creative workshops for children and give lectures.

I still have 235,006 ideas in my head that I would like to implement and my list of goals reads very exciting.

Exhibitions in Paris and Barcelona are planned for next year.

And it all started with the lucky elephant for my grandma. Who would have thought?

All the best,


Tina Hötzendorfer
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